Mission Statement

The Museum of African American History is an organization that seeks to preserve the heritage and rich history of African people born in the United States, and those who emigrated from other countries, to become a part of the historical and social fabric of this nation. The Museum of African American History will establish a state of the art museum, a place where the world will see the great contributions made by we the people of African decent. The belief and mission of the Museum, is to become a private, independent entity, rather than one that is government controlled or directed, it will be the definitive authority and information source on the culture, history, achievements and challenges, and the artistic expression of people of African heritage.


The Museum of African American History seeks to:

Create a permanent recognition and honor to the struggle for human and civil rights in the United States. Recognize the historical, scientific, economic, and cultural achievements of African descendants in the Americas who made personal, often physical, sacrifice to overcome obstacles for the betterment of many. Provide a venue to learn about achievements and the struggles as well as modern-day challenges to ensure dignity and personal liberty.